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Football cleats like anything else can cost from very little to a whole lot! Brands link Nike and Under Armor cost more than say an off brand. If you are looking for a team purchase.....consider calling XO Sports (866.496.4327). Great deals and team pricing abound! The staff really knows their gear and they always make my purchases fit in my budget!

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Q: How much do football cleats cost?
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When was football cleats invented?

when were football cleats invented1865

What the difference between golf cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats have spikes golf cleats doesnt

Can you wear soccer cleats as football cleats?

You can wear soccer cleats to play american football but it is less than ideal. Soccer cleats do not have a stud on the toe of the cleat like football cleats do. This make it much easier to run, cut and dig into the grass. Most football cleats are also higher and more supportive than soccer cleats. Although if you are a field goal kicker/ punter or kicker in American Football - they all wear soccer cleats. Basically you CAN wear soccer cleats to play American football but you CAN NOT wear American Football cleats to play Soccer.

How much do cleats cost?

It definitely depends on the type of cleats you are buying. They don't all cost the same amount.

How much money do cleats cost?


Are baseball cleats the same as football cleats?

No there is a difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. Football cleats are used for traction and are screw in type, where as baseball cleats are not they are put there for keeps they also are longer in size. here is a site that explains what I am saying but better

Are soccer cleats and football cleats the same?

no it is not

How are baseball and football cleats different?

Baseball cleats have metal spikes. Football usually has detachable cleats that are plastic.

How much will good quality football cleats cost?

Football cleats come in two different heights with each one geared a little bit differently to cater to the needs of all players - what position your son plays and his playing ability is key in deciding.

Can you wear plastic baseball cleats to play football?

Football cleats are heavier and more supportive, whereas baseball cleats are lighter. Baseball cleats can use metal spikes, while those are not used for football cleats. Studs on baseball cleats tend to have the same length, while for football cleats, the length varies. :D your welcome !

What is the Difference between football cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats could be the actual shoe itself for the sport or it could be the little spikes and pins on the bottom.

What brand of shoes make football cleats?

There are many brands of shoes which manufacture football cleats. For instance, the Nike brand is one of many manufactureres which manufacture football cleats. Other brands of football cleats are Adidas and New Balance.

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