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eastern cobra bmx weigh 27 pounds

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Q: How much do bmx eastern cobras weigh?
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How much does the eastern warhammer bmx weigh?

About 27 lbs or pounds You can also go to their website in the related links for info on their bikes.

How much do real bmx bikes weigh?

28 and down

How much does the gt bump bmx bike weigh?


How much does an eastern night wasp bmx bike cost?


How much does the Ruption force BMX 2010 model weigh?


How much does an eastern grim reaper BMX cost?

$487 aud$445 usd

Which bmx bike is better subrosa or eastern?

m opinion, the eastern.

How much does a DK Helio 2011 - 20.5 Inch bmx bike weigh?

On danscomp it 25.9 pounds.

How much does the Ruption Vector BMX 2010 model weigh?

0.1 KG its well light blud

How much does the 11' mirraco luxstar BMX bike weigh?

24 lb 9.6 oz (11.2 kg)

How much should a flatland BMX bike weigh?

you can flatland in almost any bikes. it's not about the weight of the bike.

How much do bmx bikes weigh?

15lbs and up! It depends upon what the bike is made of. The department store bmx bikes are the heaviest more in the 25lb+ range. If your looking to actually race bmx. A retail bmx is not a good choice. They also cannot handle the track conditions and are very heavy!