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Real Madrid paid Manchester United a total of 80 million pounds.

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Q: How much did real Madrid buy ronaldo?
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Who is the best player on real Madrid?

Real Madrid always buy costly players, but this year Ronaldo is their best player .

How much did real Madrid pay to buy Cronaldo?

If it's Cristiano Ronaldo your after then it's £80 million But if it's Ronaldo for Brazil then it's £33.5 million hope that's useful

Is their a way to get players to their new teams automatically on fifa09 like ronaldo to real Madrid for example?

No, you'd have to do it manually. Or buy Fifa 10.

When did real Madrid buy kaka?

Kaka joint Real Madrid in 2008.

How much did real Madrid buy di maria for?

30 million euros

Where do they sell real Madrid jerseys?

You can buy a real Madrid jersey from their jersey shop.

Where can you find real Madrid bed covers and sheets?

You can buy them at the Real Madrid shop at the bernebaue.

What is the world record football transfer?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the record of 80 million to real Madrid , but Chelsea might buy Lionel messi for over 100 million

Who did Manchester city buy from Real Madrid?


Where can you buy iker casillas jersey?

You will get it at Real Madrid.

Where can you find a womens Kaka real Madrid jersey?

you could just buy a womens real Madrid jersey and get kaka's name put on the back

Can you recommend a site where I can buy tickets for the Real Madrid vs Club America game in 2022?

A great site to support both Real Madrid and Club America is theticketdepository This site has Real Madrid vs Club America tickets for the final game in 2022. You can also buy tickets for Real Madrid vs Club America for the other games using the same site. You can also visit the site for more information about Real Madrid vs Club America .

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