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It's worth over $ 10,000

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โˆ™ 2014-11-26 00:49:17
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Q: How much is Real Madrid jersey from 2006 with all team members autographs on worth?
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Where can an Elvis autograph appraised?

Elvis autographs can be worth up to $10,000 if they are proved to be genuine. Though 99% of the autographs out there are fake.

How much are Dallas Cowboy autographs worth for?

Nothing they are garbage

What is the value of an autographed Jeff Bagwell jersey?

A Houston Astros Jeff Bagwell autographed jersey is worth about $500.-$700. Prices will vary based on condition, the type of authenticity that accompanies the signatures, and how well the Jersey displays the signature. For more information on baseball autographs I will leave a link below.

What are autographs of Jacqueline Wilson worth?

Normally over £500 or £1000.

What is the 1967 Toronto maple leafs autographs worth?

absolutely nothing! they suck

How much is a new Les Paul Special II electric guitar with the autographs of all current Foreigner band members be worth?

I'd say around 3.5 grand maybe 4

Are the autographs of 1935-36 Detroit Red Wings worth anything.I have all the team on an approximately 4X6 scrapbook piece of paper?

All autographs are worth something. Some are worth more because of something that might have happened or if they won the Stanley Cup.

What is a baseball with ted Williams and Lou boudreau's autographs worth?

I did some research and found out that they are worth round estimate of - $350

How much is a 2005 Steve Nash jersey card worth?

His jersey cards worth 275.67.

How much is a Rodriguez signed jersey worth?

An Alex Rodriguez jersey is worth about $500- $700.

How much are skateboarding signatures worth?

it depends on who people like. dont just get autographs to sell them

What is the value of Patrick kane's autograph?

Well, it is still worth the same amount as current autographs.

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