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They are both good altheltic sports it all depends on what you like.

Soccer really just depends on your athletic ability. Lacrosse takes it to the next skill level with sticks, cradling, checking, passing and catching.

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There both in two different categories. It depends on how you look at things. But on the whole football is better than lacrosse.

I completely disagree with the statement above. Lacrosse is so much more exciting. Its fast paced and lasts longer on each play then football where the action only goes to about 15 seconds per play. I love both sports but i believe lax is better

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Lacrosse is way better than soccer. In soccer all you really need is athleticism and your already a pretty good competitor. In lacrosse its totally different. You get the best part of other sports. For boys, you get part of football. Meaning you get to full body check people and stick check. Girls is similar only you don't have body check and a reduced amount of stick checking. Lacrosse also takes a lot longer to fully understand. With the rules and the skills to master to be a serious competitor. Both sports require running but lacrosse is the fastest game on foot.

Another reason would be the atmosphere of the games. If you were to sit in at a high school soccer game you would find that there is a significant amount of yelling coming from the parents because they know the game because they grew up with it. If you were to watch a lacrosse game, no one in the stands know the game all that well so its a much better environment. There's also not as much pressure from parents in lacrosse about college scholarships.

Overall lacrosse is a much better sport. It's more fun to play and its a friendlier atmosphere. Hey trust me, if I'm a female goalie in lacrosse playing in a boys league, and I have this many good things to say about lacrosse. You should at the very least try lacrosse.

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uhm lacrosse obviously because it is a game that takes skill and muscle.

But so does softball. you have to use more power to make the ball move.

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Q: How much better is lacrosse than soccer?
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The objective of lacrosse is to score more goals than your opponent in the time allotted.

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What sport is harder soccer baseball or lacrosse?

Baseball is boring as it is. its pretty easy to play. Soccer is extremely hard and takes time to learn. But lacrosse is the most physical game in the us. It was used by indians to prepare men for war. based on the facts lacrosse is definitely harder than base ball but is a tiny bit harder than soccer.

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