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35 $

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2011-01-23 21:34:26
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Q: How much are the Toronto blue jays baseball cards worth?
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Baseball teams with blue in name?

Toronto Blue Jays

Which baseball cards are worth the most on the blue jays?

A carlos Delgado rookie card or his catcher card

What is a complete set of 1991 Toronto Blue Jays score cards worth?

I saw the set on eBay for about $20.00, but I'm not sure if that is the actually "book value".

What is Nigaragua's baseball team?

Toronto blue jays

How much are the Toronto Blue Jays worth?

According to an article on, the Toronto Blue Jays value is $344 million as of April, 2007.

What are the values of the mcdonalds Toronto blue jays great moments 1985-1992 baseball cards?

value of 1989 card #6 & 1992 card #22

What state do the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball for?

The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian based major league baseball team. They play their home games at the Rogers Centre. Which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is Canadian baseball team name?

Toronto Blue Jays

Canada's baseball teams names?

Toronto blue jays

What is the mascot for the Toronto blue jays baseball team?


When did the Toronto Blue Jays become a baseball team?


What professional baseball teams are in Canada?

Toronto Blue Jays

Do the Toronto blue jays play baseball in a dome?


What is the name of the Toronto's Major League Baseball?

Toronto Blue Jays. They`re in the AL East Division.

Who is Canadas Official Major Baseball team?

The Toronto Blue Jays.

What baseball team did Wayne Rogers invest in?

Toronto blue jays

Which baseball team plays its home games in a foreign country Pittsburgh Pirates Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays new york yankeys?

Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto is in Canada.

Value of 1992 World Series commerative series baseball cards?

what is the value of Don Ross 1992 champion season, commemorative set of Toronto Blue Jays world series

What baseball team won the 1945 World series?

The Toronto Blue Jays

What Major League Baseball team calls Toronto home?

Blue Jays

What baseball team plays its games outside of the US?

The Toronto Blue Jays.

What part of Canada is best for entertainment?

The Toronto Blue Jays,their baseball team.

What year did the Toronto Blue Jays enter Major League Baseball?

In 1977

Which major baseball team is located ouside the us?

Toronto Blue Jays.

Which baseball team plays homegames in a foreign country?

Toronto Blue Jays