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Q: Who is Canadas Official Major Baseball team?
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When did the New York Yankees become an official Major League Baseball team?

The Yankees became an official MLB team in 1901, they were then known as the Baltimore Orioles.

Retirement age in Major League Baseball?

There is no official retirement age for Major League baseball players. They can play as long as a team is willing to put them under contract.

Does North Dakota have major league baseball team?

North Dakota does not have a Major League Baseball team.

Does Montreal have a baseball team?

Not a Major League team, no.

What Major League baseball team are the Houston Astros affiliated with?

The Houston Astros ARE a Major League Baseball team

Does Iowa have a baseball team?

No, there is no Major League baseball team located in Iowa.

Does Connecticut have a Major League Baseball baseball team?


Does Montana have a major baseball team?


Does North Dakota have a Major League Baseball team?

No, North Dakota does not have a Major League Baseball team. The Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks are a professional baseball team based in Fargo, North Dakota, but they are not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

Where can one purhcase Major League Baseball baseball hats?

One can purchase MLB baseball hats for every major league team through the MLB shop on their official website. MLB baseball hats can also be purchased from both Amazon and Ebay.

What Major League Baseball team starts with the letter I?

The Major League Baseball team starting with the letter I is the Indians (Cleveland).

What Major League Baseball team is for the state of Delaware?

there is no major league team for that state

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