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dude, the tippman 98's ( the ones they use at combat paintball at thetfore) are around £120, however it would be a big mistake buying, as you can get a much much lighter,better,faster gun, and complete with a mask and tank and hopper for the same price.

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Q: How much are paintballs at thetfords forest paintball?
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How much does delta force paintball cost?

The cost for paintballs at Delta Force Paintball is as follows... England and Wales * £5.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £6.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities Scotland * £6.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £7.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities

What ways can you stop a paintball without breaking it and get it into a pan for a physics project?

you can shoot it into thick tassle like material but be far away or else it will break the paintballs paintballs will pretty much break on anything considering your like fireing them between 265 to 290 feet per second out of most paintball markers i find that when im in my ghillie suit sometimes paintballs dont break on my suit cheers

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

Can you shoot marshmallows out of a paintball gun?

Anything that is designed to be loaded into a paintball marker that matches the bore size of the marker (can be from .50 to .68 caliber, and typically would be paintballs filled with water, other liquids safe for use in paintballs, or "reballs", paintball-sized rubber balls used for practice and or training). Use of any other spherical objects are not intended and may damage the mechanical components and may render it unsafe to operate.

Are paintball gernade launchers allowed at cousins paintball?

Since they still shoot paintballs and not another projectile, they are pretty much allowed everywhere expect when your playing speed-ball or air-ball, or anyplace that does not allow secondary weapons (like pistols.)

What kind of paintballs does tsawwassen paintball use?

It most likely uses either marbalizers or first strike rounds. IT deosnt matter that much, unless you've got a special marker

Can an airsoft gun shoot paintballs?

Yes they can. Even though an airsoft pellet are smaller and are faster then paintballs, the bunkers are made to withstand a very high foot-pound pressure before you would be able to puncture a hole into it. Just remember to maintain the bunkers well and keep them clean.

What is better at training for the military airsoft guns or paintball guns?

If a military is not using simunitions, they use paintball. The negative feedback of getting hit and it showing along with the ability to use powder or water rounds make it a much better option than airsoft.

Is it ok to play paintball in the rain?

It's not as much a safety issue as it is a waste of paintballs. When it rains, humidity is much higher than usual. This high humidity, along with the water possibly entering your hopper leads to minor swelling and softening of the paintballs, which in turn leads to barrel-bursts and/or chopping. For the sake of your own frustration, rather don't... Keep it dry!

Can BB guns shoot paintballs if they normally shoot 6mm bb's?

No, most fields won't allow the 6mm paintballs used in airsoft/paintball hybrid markers; definitely check with your field before bringing any.

How far will the paintball panzer tank shoot?

Paintball tanks do not have an actual large gun on them, because there are no "giant paintballs." The tank will use normal markers witch shoot about 300 feet horizontally or a RPG simulator witch will shoot a scatter shot of several paint balls a much smaller distance.

How much paintballs are in a case?