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Robinson played in the minor leagues in 1946, and in the majors (specifically, for the Brooklyn Dodgers) from 1947 to 1956.

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Q: How may seasons did Jackie Robinson play?
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What is the Jackie Robinson wife birthday?


Did Jackie Robinson have a son?

Jackie had three children: Jackie Robinson Jr. (born November 18, 1946 - 1971) died car accident, Sharon Robinson (born January 13, 1950), and David Robinson (born May 14, 1952)

What did Jackie Robinson play for the Red Sox?

Jackie Robinson never played for the Red Sox. You may think so because you see his number retired at Fenway Park but his number is retired for all MLB teams. He only played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

When was the photo of Jackie Robinson and Ben Chapman holding a bat taken?

1947 May 9

What rights did Jackie Robinson have towards other white baseball players?

His Rights Were That All Humans May Play baseball No One Should Be Treated Unfairly for what There Culter Or Color Is!

When was Jackie Robinsons son david born year?

Jackie Robinson's First son was born November 18, 1946. His second son was born May 14, 1952. The first one is named Jackie Jr.. The second one is named David Robinson

Did Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson ever face in a baseball game?

Yes, many times. Aaron's and Robinson's MLB careers overlapped by three seasons (1954-1956). Their first game against each other was May 11, 1954 and their final game against each other was September 12, 1956.

How did Jackie Robinson affect are life?

Well, Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the MLB. Without him, African Americans may not be able to be part of the MLB- even today. He also inspired many African Americans to prove that they could do anything white people can.

How old is Jackie Robinson and how old are his children?

Jackie Robinson lived to 53 years old (1919-1972) and his oldest son Jackie Jr. died in a car accident at age 24 (1946-1971) His daughter Sharon was born January 13, 1950. His son David was born May 14, 1952 and lives in Tanzania.

When did baseball player Robinson Cano play?

Robinson Cano debuted on May 3, 2005 and played his final game on September 28, 2013.

What was the name of the father of Jackie Robinson?

It was Jerry Robinson. He and his wife Mallie had five children, and Jack Roosevelt Robinson was the youngest, born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. Jerry Robinson eventually abandoned his family and they never heard from him again. Jackie Robinson once wrote: "To this day I have no idea what became of my father. Later, when I became aware of how much my mother had to endure alone, I could only think of him with bitterness. He, too, may have been a victim of oppression, but he had no right to desert my mother and five children."

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