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Frank Lampard is 39 years old (birthdate: June 20, 1978).

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Q: How old is Frank Lampard?
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Who are Frank Lampard's parents?

Frank Lampard's parents are Frank Lampard, Sr. and Patricia Lampard.

How old are Frank Lampard?

below 40

How old Frank Lampard?

32 years of age.

What was Frank Lampard Sr's dad's name?

Frank Lampard.

Who is older Frank lampard or John terry?

Frank Lampard

What is Frank lampard's dads name?

Frank Lampard Snr.

How is the Chelsea penalty taker?

Lampard is the one who takes penaltys for Chelsea and if he is not playing ballack takes them

When did frank lampard start school?

frank lampard started school when he was about 1 years old in the mid 1400s with Cynthia golden berg who was his first girlfriend.

Does Frank Lampard have a middle name?

Yes. Frank James Lampard

How old was Frank Lampard when he joined Chelsea football club?


When was Frank Lampard born?

Frank Lampard was born on June 20, 1978.

Is Frank Lampard a uncle?

Yes, Frank Lampard is an uncle to niece Millie!