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You have to be at least 16.

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Q: How many years do you have to be in gymnastics to go and compete in the Olympics?
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How many men and women teams complete in rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics?

Men don't compete in the Olympics for rhythmic gymnastics

How many years has gymastic been in the Olympics?

The gymnastics has been in the Olympics since 1896.

How many years can an athlete compete in the Olympics?

as long as he qualifies.

How many years did Michael Phelps compete in the Olympics?

He started in 2000, so he has comepete for 8 years in the Olympics.

How many medals did new zealand win for gymnastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

0 ... New Zealand did not send any athletes to compete in gymnastics at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Has gymnastic changed over the years?

Yes, gymnastics has changed over the years. Before, gymnasts would compete in the nude. That is one of the many ways that gymnastics has changed.

Does Africa compete in the Olympics?

Yes, many countries from Africa compete in the Olympics.

How many years did Alexandre Bilodeau compete in Olympics?

1 (2010 Vancouver)

Is 12 too old to do competitive gymnastics?

Many competitive gymnasts are older than 12. All of the gymnasts that compete in the Olympics are examples of this.

How many girls are on the Olympic gymnastics team?

There are 5 women that will compete in the 2012 Gymnastics Olympics. Along with 3 alternates.2012 Gymnastics Womens TeamGabby DouglasMckayla MaroneyJordan WieberAlly RaismanKyla RossAlternatesAnna LiSara FinneganElizebeth PriceXD

How many play in gymnastics?

Well you will usually have six gymnasts that will make the qualifications to compete in the Olympics. Then during the qualifications to see who will compete on which event you can have as many as 5 gymnasts but only the top four scores are counted.

How many different nations are compete in Olympics 2012 200m?

how many different nations are compete in Olympics 200m

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