Is 12 too old to do competitive gymnastics?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Many competitive gymnasts are older than 12. All of the gymnasts that compete in the Olympics are examples of this.

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Q: Is 12 too old to do competitive gymnastics?
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Is 12 an old age to start gymnastics?


How does a 12 year old boy get flexible?

strech i hope this is for a gymnastics compitition and not what i think

Which is better for 12 year old beginner gymnastics or tumbling?

It depens on what you like most

How old was Beth tweddle when she got her first medal?

Beth Tweddle was 12 when she started gymnastics

How old was Beth tweddle when she got her first gold medal?

Beth Tweddle was 12 when she started gymnastics

Who got 8th in the Massachusetts state gymnastics competition?

in the 12 year old age group, Caroline barone

Is 12 years old to old of a trampoline?

No , 12 years old is not too old for a trampoline . Kids of all ages jump on trampolines . Your NEVER too old to have fun !

if im 12 years old and my hight is 4'11 how much should i weigh?

80 to 120 i am 12 and 5'1 and i weigh 105 pounds and i do gymnastics and cheer.

How old is 2 too cute?

12 years old

How old is too old to start gymnastics with a possibility of going to the Olympics if you have had prior training?

well i think 15 is to late because if your 11 12 or younger you get a better start but younger than 11 12 will be much better; 15 is too old to start because about when your 18 you start and 3 years is not enough; The above would be true for ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS but not so much so for other Gymnastics sports (there are Seven competitive Gymnastic Sports) of which many are NOT Olympic sports. BUTTT.. they are amazing sports, highly contested thru out the world and have a very viable WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS event. List Olympic Sports- Trampoline, Rhythmic, along with the two you know.... Men's and Woman's Artistic. Non-Olympic: Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Group Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics. I would Say TnT or Acro would be your best bet if your in the USA to get to a world level if you are older.

How would you become a Gymnast at 12-13 years old?

It is a bit late to do gymnastics at a professional level at 12-13 but if you just wanted to do it as a hobby just join your local gym club. But if you wanted a career out of it you could become a gymnastics coach or something similar.

How Alexandra Huci die?

Alexandra Huci passed away at the age of 12 years old from collapsing from training to much in Gymnastics.