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100 but both end zones are 10 so from very end to very end it is 120

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Q: How many yards frame end zone to end zone?
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How many yards is the end zone of nfl?

There are two end zones are on a football field.

How many yards deep is the end zone at each end of an American high school football field?

10 yards in American football; 20 yards in Canadian football.

How many yards deep is each end zone?


How many yards is it from goal line to end zone?

It is 100 yards from goal line to goal line.

How big is the NFL end-zone?

A CFL end zone is 20 yards from goal line to dead line and 65 yards wide.

What are the dementions of the end zone of an NFL football field end zone?

In American football, 10 yards deep by 53 1/3 yards wide.

What is the yardage betwene end zone to end zone?

From the front of both endzones, it's 100 yards.

How long is the length of the field from the back of the one end zone to the back of the other end zone?

120 yards.

What are the dimensions of an American football fields?

at each end is an end zone with a goal line 20 yards from the end of the field. how many yards long is the playing field between the two goal lines

The end zone is 12 yards deep and is located at each end of the field?

it is 10ft.

How long is the football touchdown zone?

Each endzone is 7 yards long, therefore the field with goals is 114 yards total. The end zones are each ten yards deep, so the complete length of the field including the end zones is 120 yards.

What does yards mean in football?

Yards are a unit of measurement on a football field. A field has 100 yards. The end zone has 10 yards. Yards tell how far the ball has moved.