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There are approximately 120 yards between each post

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Q: How many yards are in between each field goal post on a football field?
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What in length of football field?

the length of a football field is 100 yards from endzone to endzone, 120 yards from the back of each endzone.

How many yards long is a regulation football field?

110 yards. There are 100 yards in between both goal lines and the end zones are each ten yards long so the field itself is 120 yards.

How many yards are on a football field?

110 yardsThere are 100 yards in between both goal lines and the end zones are each ten yards long so the field itself is 120 yards.120yds

Every how many yards or feet are there between the white lines on the football field?

Each yardline marks 5 yards, or 15 feet.

How many yards is an NFL football field?

The NFL (US football) field is 53 1/3 yards wide (160 feet) and 100 yards long between the goal lines, and the playing field includes the end zones which are each 10 yards deep, for a total length of 120 yards.

How long is a football field goal to goal post?

A football field post to post is 120 yards. It is 100 yards from goal to goal and each endzone is 10 yards.

What is the playing field dimensions of a football field?

at each end is an end zone with a goal line 20 yards from the end of the field. how many yards long is the playing field between the two goal lines

How long is a NFL football field?

The total length is 120 yards. 100 yards in the field of play, and 10 yards for each of the endzones.

How long is an NFL football field?

The NFL football field is 120 yards in length. This includes the two end zones which are 10 yards each in length.

How long is a football field?

A football field is 102 yards because excluding the end zones the field is 100 yards and each end zone is 1 yard i hope you Liked the answer The dimensions of an American football field are 120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide.

Size of American football field?

The total field is 120. Discluding the endzones it is 100 yards. Each endzone is 10 yards

How many yards did the first football field have?

the 1st football feild was 120 yards because there was 10 more yards behind each feild goal.

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