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The Orioles won World Series championships in 1966, 1970 and 1983.

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Q: How many world series have Baltimore Orioles St. Louis browns won?
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What team did the baseballs St. Louis browns become?

The Browns moved to Baltimore after the 1953 season and became the Baltimore Orioles.

What year did the Saint Louis Browns leave Saint Louis and relocate to Baltimore?

The St. Louis Browns left St. Louis in 1953 to relocate to Baltimore. The club's name was changed to the Orioles.

Where were the Baltimore Orioles oringinall y from?

st. Louis the were the st. Louis browns and then move in 1954

How many World Series did the St. Louis Browns win?

St. Louis Browns 1944 American League Pennant winnersThe Baltimore Orioles won 3 World Series titles in 7 World Series appearances. 1966, 1970, and 1983. From 1902-1953 the team played in St. Louis as the Browns. The St. Louis Browns did not win a World Series title with one appearance in 1944.

Where was the Baltimore Orioles stadium in 1944?

Sportsman's Park was located in St. Louis, Missouri. The Orioles were called the St. Louis Browns from 1902-1953.

Who was the Baltimore Orioles major league team in the 20th century?

They were originally the St. Louis Browns.

What years did the St. Louis Browns exist Where did they move to What was their name changed to?

The St. Louis Browns existed as a baseball team from 1902 until 1953. The franchised then moved to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Orioles of today.

The Baltimore Orioles for Major League Baseball have been playing since 1914 True or False I love the San Fransisco GIANTS 2010 World Series Winners WooooooHooooooo?

Not the current Baltimore Orioles. They originally were the Milwaukee Brewers and then the St. Louis Browns before relocating to Baltimore in 1953.

Is the browns a baseball team?

There was an American League team called the St. Louis Browns, but they moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles in 1954.

What was the original home and nickname for the Baltimore Orioles?

History of the Baltimore Orioles: Originally named for one year (1901) the Milwaukee Brewers, located in Milwaukee, WI. Then moved to St. Louis, MO, named the St. Louis Browns, remained in St. Louis for 52 years (1902-1954). Eventually moved to Baltimore, MD and named Baltimore Orioles, 1954 to present. Nicknames of the Baltimore Orioles: O's and Birds

What teams played in the 1983 World Series?

Philadelphia Phillies VS Baltimore Orioles.

What was the name of the baltmore orioles in 1901?

The current Baltimore Orioles played in Milwaukee and were known as the Brewers in 1901. The Brewers moved to St. Louis and became the Browns in 1902 and then moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles in 1954.