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There have only been 19 world cups including this 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Q: How many world cup games has there been since the very start?
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When did swimming start in the commonwealth games?

it has always been part of it since 1930 when it started hasn't it

How many FIFA games are there?

Since the start of fifa began, in 1995, there has been over 15000 million games of fifa. weyy

When did rowing start at the olyimics?

Rowing has been an Olympic event since the 1900 Summer Games in Paris.

How many games are in the World Series?

Since 1922, the World Series has been a best-of-seven contest. The team that wins four games becomes the world champion.

How many games have been played in the world series since the cubs last won it?


How many goals have Spain scored since the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

8 goals. They are the lowest scoring winners of the world cup. . . . .ever. Their last five games have been won 1-0.

Who makes the balls for the World Cup games?

Adidas has been making the soccer balls for the FIFA World Cup games since 1970. There have been various designs, styles and names for each of the balls released.

How long has squash been in the commonwealth games?

Squash has been in the Commonwealth Games since 1998.

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How long has it been since the cubs have gone to the world series?

It's been awhile since the Cubs have BEEN to a World Series -- 1945. It's been even longer since they have WON a World Series -- 1908.

When did gymnastic start in Olympics?

Gymnastics was included in the ancient Greek Olympics and was very popular. They have also been in every modern Olympic Games since the games started in 1896.

How long has cycling been in the commonwealth games?

Cycling has been on the Commonwealth Games Sports Program since the 1934 Games.

How long has all video games been out?

video games have been out (or at least been popular) since the 1980's.

How many games has Kirby been in?

The Kirby series was created by Nintendo. Since 1992 there have been several Kirby games. There have been nearly 20 games since 1992. Kirby is a character created in Japan.

How many World Series games have the Oakland A's been in?

Since the Athletics moved to Oakland they have been in 6 World Series (1972, 1973, 1974, 1988, 1989, 1990) and have played 32 World Series games, winning 17 and losing 15.

How many olympic games has there been since 776 BC?

393 games

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Since the Inception of the Olympic Games how many Olympic Games have been contested?

Games was started in 1896. There have been 28 Olympic Games held.

Which year did NORAD start tracking santas flightpath around the world?

NORAD has been tracking Santa since the year 1958.

How many Olympic Games have been held been since 1896?


When did swimming at the Olympics start?

Swimming has been held at every Olympic games since 1896. Open water swimming was added in the 2008 Olympics.

How many Yankee playoff games since 1996?

Since 10-22-09 there has been 130 playoff games.

How long has UK been part of the commonwealth games?

The UK has been part of the Commonwealth Games since 1930.

How many times has India been to the commonwealth games since it has started?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

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