How many wickets did Wasim Akram took in one day cricket?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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502 wickets in 356 matches.

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Q: How many wickets did Wasim Akram took in one day cricket?
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How many wickets wasim akram took in test cricket?

Wasim Akram took 414 Test Match wickets for Pakistan

How many wickets taken by wasim akram in test cricket?

414 wickets.

How many wickets of wasim akram in odi cricket?


How many matches did it take Wasim Akram to get 502 wickets?


How many wickets did Wasim Akram get in ODI cricket?

502 wickets! in just 356 matches! He is the best bowler there ever was in the history of cricket!and remember he has a billion more in total in tests and t20's

What is the total number of ODI matches played by Wasim Akram and how many wickets did he take?

Wasim Akram played 356 ODI matches and he took 502 wickets in his ODI career. He played his last match against Zimbabwe on 4 March 2003!

How many wickets fall in a day of a test match?

If you are talking about the International team - There is only ONE There are cricket teams for all States and they compete in the Ranji Trophy.

How many sixes were conceded by wasim akram in his test career?

1. Wasim Akram has conceded only one six in his test carrier i.e. of Carl Hooper in a test series against West Indies in 1997-98 at Rawalpindi.2. He has conceded 11 sixes in his complete ODI carrier, thus having the best ratio for conceding less number of sixes. Following were the batsmen who directly threw was out of the boundary;a. Mark Greatbatch (NZ) - WC-1992b. Martin Crow (NZ) - WC-1992c. Sachin Tendulkar (Ind) - Sharjah Cup-1994d. Brian Lara (WI) - Sharjah Cup-1995e. Saleem Raza (UAE) - WC-1996f. Chris Cairns (NZ) - Sharjah Cup-1996g. Ridley Jacobs (WI) - WC-1999h. Adam Gilchrist (Aus) - WC-1999i. Sanath Jaysuria (SL) - ICC Champions Trophy-2001 (2 x 6s)j. Andrew Flintof (Eng) - ODI Series in Pakistan-2001k. Andrew Symonds (Aus) - WC-2003

Is there a seam bowler in cricket?

yes there is lots of seam bowler in cricket. like wasim akram, Mohd Aamir, Irfan Pathan and many more.

How many wickets did Muralitharan took in test match cricket?

800 wickets in 133 tests.

How many wickets has mark boucher in cricket?


How many wickets did England take in the final of the twenty20 cricket World Cup in 2010?

6 wickets