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yes there is lots of seam bowler in cricket.

like wasim akram, Mohd Aamir, Irfan Pathan and many more.

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Q: Is there a seam bowler in cricket?
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What is a seam bowler in cricket?


What is the pacer in cricket?

I believe a pacer is a fast bowler. A pace bowler can bowl upwards of 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres) and often uses a combination of seam, swing and pace in order to trick the batsman.

Another name for a fast bowler in cricket?

Pace bowler

What is the stitching called on a cricket ball?

The stitching on a cricket ball is called the equator or the seam.

How many types of bowlers are there in cricket?

There are 3 types of bowler in cricket bowler 2.spin bowler 3.medium pace bowl

Who was the bowler who take hattrick in cricket championship in 1999?

Lasith Malinga is the bowler to take hattrick in cricket championship in 1999.

Who is the fastest bowler in cricket currently?

The fastest bowler is Lasith Malinga.

Who bowler is having the best strike rate in the Cricket?

The Bowler who has the best strike rate in cricket is Dale Steyn (South Africa).

Who is the World's greatest cricket bowler?

Pakistani Bowler Wasim Akram and Australian Bowler Glenn mcgrath is the best bowler in the world ever.

Who is the best cricket bowler in the world?

Top of the ICC rankings for bowlers is currentyl South African seam bowler Dale Steyn for test matches and New Zealand spin bowler Daniel Vettori for One Day Internationals England spin bowler Graeme Swann appears highest in both test (2nd) and ODI's (4th) which suggests he is currently the best bowler in the world across all formats of the game.

Who is the fastest bowler?

Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) is the fastest bowler ever in cricket history

Who are the best bowler in nepali cricket team?

Alex Aitken - he is a bare spin bowler

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