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Q: How many white head coaches are in the nfl?
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How many interim black coaches became head coaches in the NFL?


How many black head coaches in the NFL?


How many head coaches have made the playoffs in their first NFL season?


Who are the NFL 2012 and 2013 Black Head Coaches?


How many NFL head coaches have won 13 or more games in their first season since 1978?


Who were the three oldest NFL head coaches in 2010?

Tom Coughlin

What is the salary of an NFL head coach?

Depending on who you are. Super Bowl coaches get more than 0-16 coaches

Which NFL head coach has the longest tenure of all head coaches in the NFC?

Monty Dunomes

Why are there not a lot of black NFL coaches?

The US black population is around 13-14%. 18% of the NFL's head coaches are black. Stupid, race baiting question.

What is the starting salary for NFL Head Coaches?

40.5million for a 5 year deal

How many black coaches in the NFL?


Who is the first quarterback to be a head coach in the NFL?

In the early years of the NFL there were numerous players/coaches so any given year you had quarterbacks listed as head coach also....