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Q: How many NFL head coaches have won 13 or more games in their first season since 1978?
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Has any NFL team gone a whole season without a win?

no - not since the NFL season was expanded to 16 games. However Tampa Bay lost all 14 games in the 1976 season. It was their first season in the NFL. They went on to lose the first 12 games in the next (1977) season for an NFL record 26 consecutive games without a victory

Who coaches the falcons?

Right now it's Mike Smith, he's been the coach of the falcons since the 2008 season.

How many coaches has the redskins had?

Assuming you mean head coaches, the Redskins have had 25 since they moved to Washington (including 2 interim coaches in 2000 and 1951 who just finished out the season after the original head coach was fired). If you go back to their inception in Boston, they've had 28.Of those coaches, 6 had overall winning records for their tenure, not including one interim coach. The first 3 Washington Redskins coaches 1937-1945 had winning records; since 1945, only 3 coaches won more than they lost with the team.

How many games has New England Patriots played since they were established?

They have played 804 regular season games and 41 playoff games since their beginning in the 1960 season.

How many games has the 49ers won in 2009?

Eight. It was the first non-losing season for the Niners since 2002.

What was the last season the Cubs lost 100 games?

With 4 games left in the 2012 season, the Cubs record is 59-99. Should they lose one more game it will be the first season they lost 100+ games since 1966 when they went 59-103.

Who pitched the most complete games in a season since 2000?

In MLB, James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays with 11 in 2011. Shields is the first MLB pitcher to throw 10+ complete games in a season since 1999 (Randy Johnson with 12).

How many head coaches have the Pittsburgh Steelers had since the AFL?

Since 1933, the Steelers have had 16 different head coaches.

How many games have the New York Yankees played since they first started playing?

From 1901 through 2010, the Yankees have played 17,124regular season games.

Has Peyton Manning won the first nine games of each season since being in the nfl?

no, but there has been several times where that happened.

How many head coaches have the Pittsburgh Steelers had since their beginning?

The Steelers have had 16 different coaches since 1933. Two coaches Walt Kiesling served three separate terms and Joe Bach served two terms as coach. But they only had three coaches in the last 42 years! Mike Tomlin, hired for the 2007 season, is the 16th different head coach in Pittsburgh Steelers history. Click on the link below to see the list of Steelers head coaches.

How many Major League Baseball teams have lost 100 or more games in a season?

All MLB teams playing in 2012 have lost 100+ games in a season at least once except for the Angels who entered MLB in 1961. Their most losses in a season is 95 in 1968 and 1980. The Dodgers have not lost 100+ games in a season since 1908 when they played in Brooklyn and were known as the Superbas. The Cardinals have not lost 100+ games in a season since 1908. The Yankees have not lost 100+ games in a season since 1912 when they were known as the Highlanders. The Giants have lost 100 games in a season once, that being in 1985.

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