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Q: How many head coaches have made the playoffs in their first NFL season?
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Who was the first head coach to bring the New Orleans Saints to the playoffs?

Jim Mora, who guided the Saints to the playoffs during the 1987 season.

How many NFL head coaches have won 13 or more games in their first season since 1978?


How many head coaches have the Saints had?

Through the 2007 season, the Saints have had 14 head coaches. Click on the 'New Orleans Saints Head Coaches' link on this page to see who has coached the Saints and what their all time record was.

Which NFL team had the most head coaches?

As of May 2014, the Pittsburgh Steelers has had a total of 17 head coaches. The current coach has been with the team for 16 years.

When is the last season the Florida panthers made the playoffs?

1999-2000 season under head coach Terry Murray.

How many black coaches are in current NBA playoffs?

At the begginning of the 2009 NBA Playoffs, there were six black head coaches in the playoffs--4 in the East and 2 in the West: Cleveland's Mike Brown, Boston's Doc Rivers, Atlanta's Mike Woodson, Detroit's Michael Curry, Portland's Nate McMillan and New Orleans' Byron Scott. As of May 5th, only Brown, Rivers and Woodson remain alive in the playoffs.

Who was the two head coaches in the first super bowl?

Stram & Lombarti

What coaches have won the national championship in their 2nd season as head coach?

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma won a national championship in his second season

Who was the first head coach to bring the Saints to the playoffs?

Jim Mora

Has an NFL Coach ever been fired after a winning season?

Coaches with winning records have been fired. One example would be in 2006 head Coach Marty Schottenheimer lead the Chargers to a 14-2 record, before losing in the playoffs to the Patriots. With ownership questioning his ability to win in the playoffs, he was let go after the 2006 Super Bowl.

How many coaches are in the nba?

There are currently 30 head coaches

How many Florida state head coaches have beaten Florida in their first year?


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