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Two right now: Mark Hughes at Fulham, and Tony Pulis at Stoke.

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Q: How many welsh managers ate there in the premier league?
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How many Welsh managers are there in the premier league?

There are 2

How many English managers are there in the premier league?

There are in fact 6 English managers in the premier league

How many englsih managers have won the premier league?

No English manager has won the Premier League.

How many foreign managers has been in premier league?


How many welsh teams are there in the premier league?

There are 18 clubs, and 12 teams.

How many teams in the Barclays Premier League are managed by Scottish managers?


How many scottish managers in English premier league 2011-2012?


How many managers have managed at least four different teams in the Premier League?


How many managers have won the league title for Manchester united?

Three although Ferguson is the only manager to have won the Premier League Title.

How many German managers in premiership?

Probably none, very few Germans play Rugby Union.There have been no German managers in the Premier League. Uwe Rösler is the manager of Brentford in League 1

How many Welsh players are in the English Premier League?

Quite a lot actually. a lot from Swansea. about 30 to 40 i would say

How many premier league managers have won the premier league as a player?

There is only one current Premiership manager who has won the Premier League - Steve Bruce of Sunderland. If you count former managers, then you can include Bryan Robson (Middlesbrough and West Bromwich Albion), Mark Hughes (Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City), Tony Adams (Portsmouth) and Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers).

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