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Q: How many teams in the Barclays Premier League are managed by Scottish managers?
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How many managers have managed at least four different teams in the Premier League?


How many English managers in the premier league?

Out of the 20 teams, only 5 are currently managed by English managers. Those are: Sam Allardyce: Blackburn Rovers Steve Bruce: Sunderland Roy Hodgson: Liverpool Ian Holloway: Blackpool Harry Redknapp: Tottenham Other than that, there are 4 Scottish managers, 2 Welsh and 1 from Northern Ireland.

How many current premier league managers that have managed at the world cup?

There are 3 of them Alex Ferguson for Scotland , Mick McCarthy Ireland, Glen Hoddle Switzerland.

How many managers have the New York Yankees had?

Click on the 'Managers of the New York Yankees' link on this page to see a list of who managed the Yankees, the years that they managed, and what their win loss record was.

Which team in the premier league is managed by Chris Hughton?

Newcastle United.

How many current premiership managers has Alex Ferguson managed?


What is Bill Shankly famous for?

William "Bill" Shankly is most famous for his work as a footballer and manager, he is of Scottish origin and managed Liverpool FC football team, he is widely regarded as one of footballs greatest managers.

Which world cup winners have managed a premier league team?

It is Jackie Charlton.

Can you name 3 managers who have managed four premiership teams?

Jog onnnnnnnnn

Who has played in and managed a premier league team and a national side?

It is Sir Bobby Robson.

How many Current premiership and football league managers who have managed international sides?


Who are the managers of Capita Financial?

Capita Financial is a company that provides financial services to industry. Currently the Capita Financial is managed by the Capita managers in the UK.

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