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19 trophies

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Q: How many trophies has Jose mourinho won?
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How many trophies has Jose Mourinho won for Chelsea?

he has won 3 trophies for Chelsea as much as i can recollect

How many trophies has Jose Mourinho won as a manager?

18 trophies with clubs since 2002 when he took over Porto FC, and 29 personal trophies.

Jose mourinho and alex Ferguson who is the greatest?

If you count the years and trophies won sir alex Ferguson is better.

How many trophy jose mourinho won?

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Did Jose Mourinho win the Champions league last year?

Yes Jose Mourinho won it with Inter Milan, and he also won it with F.C. Porto.

How many trophies has Jose mourihno won?

He had lifted 21 trophies till the date.

Which manager has won the European cup with two clubs?

Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jose Mourinho.

How many times has Jose mourinho's teams won champions league?

He has won it a total of two times 1) FC Porto 2) Internazionale

How many league titles has Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won the e.P.L title one in 1950, two under Jose Mourinho and one last year.

Which team has won the UEFA Cup in 2003?

Porto beat Celtic managed by Jose Mourinho

Who has won the champions league with 2 different clubs as a manager?

Ernst Happel, Ottmar Hitzfield and Jose Mourinho are the three coaches that have won the champions league with two different clubs. But only Ernst Happel and Jose Mourinho have won it twice with two different clubs from two different countries.

How many times has Chelsea fc won the league from 1950 till 2009?

Chelsea have won the E.P.L. three times from 1950 to 2009. They won it in 1950, 2004, 2005, under Jose Mourinho.

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