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3 hits.

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Q: How many touches are allowed in a team before the ball pass over the net?
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How many hits are allowed per side during a volleyball game?

3 touches to send the ball back to the other team.

How many hits in volleyball are you allowed before your team looses the ball?


In volleyball how many hits are allowed before returning the ball back to the opponents court?

Only 3 hits are allowed in Volleyball before returning the ball back to the opponents' court.

How many times are volleyball teams allowed to touch the ball before hitting the ball over the net?

3 times

In AFL how many steps are you allowed before you must bounce the ball?

no more than 15

How many tackels are allowed in rugby?

There are an unlimited number of tackles allowed in Rugby Union and six in Rugby League before the ball is turned over.

How many hits are a player allowed before the ball must go over the net?

three hits are supposed to happen before the ball goes over the net.(bump, set, spike!)

How many hits are allowed before it hits over the net in Volleyball?

Well there is technically only allowed a maximum 3 hits/passes before the ball can cross over the net, but if the ball is tipped from a block this touch is not counted with the 3 hits/passes.

In golf how many minutes does a player have to search for their ball before it must be declared lost?

From the time they arrive in the area where they believe the ball is, they are allowed 5 minutes.

How many hits are you allowed before the ball must over the net and what is the exception to this rule?

u have to hit 3 hits

How many times are you allowed to hit the ball on your side before it has to go to the other team when playing volleyball?

Three times.

How many hits is a team allowed before the ball must travel back over the net?

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