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Including when it was called the wwf championship,5 times. The heavyweight championship also 5 times.

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Q: How many times the WWE championship has been defended in a hell in a cell match?
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it has been defended over 500 times

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According to WWE, John Cena, the current WWE Champion, has been WWE Champion 11 times. But if you're a fan of WWE, you know this is not true as he has only been WWE Champion 10 times, not counting the match he had vs Rey Mysterio on July 25, 2011 for the WWE Championship because the rightful champion was CM Punk. In regard to the last answer who said Ric Flair won the WWE Championship 16 times, you're sadly mistaken friend because Flair only won the WWE Championship two times. He won the NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Championship 14 times before that belt officially became the property of WWE in 2001 when WWE acquired WCW from Ted Turner and subsequently became known as the World Heavyweight Championship it is known as today.

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