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Owen Hart had been booked in an Intercontinental Championship match against The Godfather at the Over The Edge pay per view event.

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Q: On the night Owen Hart died who was his match against?
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Raw is Owen?

raw is Owen was a specail airing of wwe raw the night after Owen hart's fatal fall at wwe over the edge may 23rd 1999 it was full of tributes to Owen hart it aired on may 24th 1999 R.I.P Owen hart

Is Owen Hart still allive?

No, he's not. He died during his entrance in a WWE Match.

What is the birth name of Owen Hart?

Owen Hart's birth name is Hart, Owen James.

What happened to WWE stone cold Steve Austin?

Nothing happened to him, if your asking why he isn't Wrestling then that is because he broke his neck in a match with Owen Hart and can no longer wrestle.

Does Owen Hart have kids?

Yes, Owen Hart had two kids.

When did Owen Hart debut?

Owen Hart debuted in wrestling in 1983.

What is Owen Hart's birthday?

Owen Hart was born on May 7, 1965.

When was Owen Hart born?

Owen Hart was born on May 7, 1965.

Who is Tyson kidd's father?

T.J Wilson. He is not related to the hart famiy but he was close to Owen hart and Brett hart. And Owen hart and Brett hart are brothers.

What nicknames did Owen Hart go by?

Owen Hart went by The King of Harts, The Rocket, The Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart, The Sole Survivor, The Black Hart, Nugget, The Blue Blazer, and Oje.

Did Owen Hart retire?

No, Owen Hart did not retire. He passed away on May 23, 1999.

Where can you find pictures of Owen Hart?

You can find pictures of Owen Hart by searching his name in Google.