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Jack Nicklaus has 19 runner up finishes in major championships.

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Q: How many times jack nicklaus runner up in major?
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Who has the most runner ups in major golf championships?

Jack Nicklaus, 19.

How many major championships has Jack Nicklaus won?

Jack Nicklaus has won 18 major championship, an all time record in men's professional golf. He also has 19 runner up finishes in majors.

How many times did Jack Nicklaus come second in a golf major?


Who has won the most major golf tournaments?

Jack Nicklaus, he has won 18 major golf tournaments.

How many times Jack Nicklaus missed a cut a Major Championship?

From 1957 to 2005, Jack Nicklaus played in 163 Major championships. He missed the cut 32 times. But some of these came in his amateur career, and most of them came in his declining years.

Who has the most second place finishes in golf majors?

Jack Nicklaus has 19 runner-up finishes - 10 more than Arnold Palmer Full list here:

Who holds the record for the most runner up finishes in the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus was runner up seven times (1964, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1979)

How many times did jack nicklaus finish second?

19 second place finishes in major championships.

How old was Jack nicklaus when he won his 18th major?

1986 Masters was Nicklaus 18th major championship. He was 46.

How many times has Jack Nicklaus won the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus has won The Open Championship 3 times. All in Scotland.

How many major tour win does jack nicklaus hold?

Jack Nicklaus won 18 major championships, and came second in a further 19, an incredible record.

Which golfer has most major wins?

Jack Nicklaus, with 18.