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Jack Nicklaus, with 18.

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Q: Which golfer has most major wins?
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What PGA golfer has the most major tournament wins?

Jack Nicklaus with 18.

Who is the best golfer who ever lived?

Currently it is Tiger Woods. He has more career major wins and career PGA tour wins than any other active golfer.

Who was the most succestful black professional golfer ever before Tiger Woods?

In terms of Major wins Jack Nicklaus is the most successful golfer of all time, he has 18, Tiger Woods has 14. In regards to PGA tour wins Sam Snead is the all time leader.

Why is Tiger Woods awesome?

He is the worlds number one golfer. He has 14 major tournament wins, second only to Jack Nicklaus. And he is considered to be the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

Which golfer has the second most pro wins?

Tiger Woods with 74....... Sam Snead in first with 82

Which golfer has most major titles?

Jack Nicklaus has won 18 majors, not including his two wins in the US Amateur, who many people consider to be a major title as well. Tiger Woods has won 13 and counting and is second on the list.

Who is the best golfer of the 1980s?

The best golfer of the 1980s was Tom Watson with 19 wins and 5 majors in the decade.

PGA golfer with the most major championships?

Jack Nicklaus currently holds the most major golf titles at 18, he won his first in 1962 and his last in 1986 but he is now retired. However the active golfer with the most majors is Tiger Woods, now on 14.

Who had the most wins in Major League Baseball in 2011?

In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most wins with 102. Justin Verlander had the most wins as a pitcher with 24.

Who has won the most golf tournaments?

The PGA records Sam Snead, with 82 career wins in 30 years, as being the most winning golfer. Tiger Woods leads next with 77 wins in 18 years.

Can an ameteur golfer opt to take the prize money if he wins a golf tournament.?


If amateur golfer wins tournament who gets prize money?

Highest placing professional wins the amateurs prize money.

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