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From 1957 to 2005, Jack Nicklaus played in 163 Major championships. He missed the cut 32 times. But some of these came in his amateur career, and most of them came in his declining years.

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Q: How many times Jack Nicklaus missed a cut a Major Championship?
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How many times has nicklaus missed the cut in a major before age 40?

Between his first major appearance in 1957 and his last major before he turned 40 (1979) he missed 7 cuts in major championships. Jack did not turn age 40 until 1980. He won two Major Championship's after turning 40 years of age, The PGA Championship in 1980, and the Master's Championship in 1986. **Jack's birthday is January 21, 1940

How many times has Jack Nicklaus won the British Open?

Jack Nicklaus has won The Open Championship 3 times. All in Scotland.

How many times jack nicklaus runner up in major?

Jack Nicklaus has 19 runner up finishes in major championships.

What two golfers have won the PGA Championship the most times?

Jack_NicklausJack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen

How many times has Jack Nicklaus won The British Open Championship?

three-'66, '70 & '78

How many times did Jack Nicklaus come second in a golf major?


Which two players have won the USPGA Championship 5 times?

Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen are the only two players who have won the USPGA Championship 5 times. All of Walter Hagen's wins came when it was a matchplay event. All of Jack Nicklaus' wins came when it was a strokeplay event.

How many times did jack nicklaus finish second?

19 second place finishes in major championships.

What major did Tiger Woods get?

Tiger has won The Masters four times, The Open Championship three times, The US Open three times, and The PGA Championship four times

How many times have Watson and Nicklaus led in the majors after 54 holes?

How many times have Watson and Nicklaus led in the majors after 54 holes?

How many players have won the same major championship at least two times?

A total of 57 golfers have won a professional major championship more than once. Here are the numbers for each major: 15 Masters 24 British 21 U.S. Open 18 PGA Championship Obviously, some have done it in more than one (think Tiger, Jack, Arnie, etc.) Jack Nicklaus wins the most majors - 18 wins during his carrier. Tiger Woods second on the list - 14 major wins up to date Walter Hagen with 11 major wins

Which Major League baseball team won the most championship titles?

Through the 2010 season, that would be the New York Yankees who have won the American League championship 40 times, the World Series championship 27 times, and the American League East Division championship 16 times.

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