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Q: How many times has ac millan beaten manutd at old trafford since 2006?
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Why is old Trafford called old Trafford?

The Stadium is called Old Trafford since it is built in an area called old Trafford.Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0RAGenerally speaking town areas are named old or new due to new development or a shift in the centre of the town. Its likely that Traffords town centre moved to a new location and thus Trafford became known as Old trafford to distinguish itself from the new location of the town centre (Which presumably was known as New Trafford for a while). There was no such place as Trafford, until Manchester divided in to ten Metropolitan Borough's in 1974

How old is Old Trafford?

Football StadiumThe Manchester United home stadium, Old Trafford (aka The Theater of dreams) was completed in 1910. It is the third-largest stadium and the second-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom.Cricket GroundsThe Old Trafford Cricket Grounds opened in 1857. The Lancashire Cricket Club has played there since 1864. It is is England's second-oldest test venue.Historic SiteOld Trafford, in Manchester, was the name of a house (or Hall) which was said to be the home of the de Trafford family since 1017. The Old Hall was demolished in 1939

Who is best football club in the world?

MU is the best football club in the world. Of course, I agree that ManUtd is a BRILLIANT team, but not the best; they used to be the best, but ever since 2009 and now Barcelona is. They have proved it by beating Manutd 2-0 and 3-1 in the champions final. So I think Barcelona is the BEST.

How many years has Ryan Giggs been playing for Manchester United?

He has been playing at old trafford since 1991

How many times have Liverpool beaten Liverpool since league was founded?


How long has old trafford been standing?

1908 (WRONG) its 1910 as Man Utd's shirt this season says 'THEATER OF DREAMS SINCE 1910' 100 YEARS AGO. This is also wrong as Man Utd are celebrating 100 yrs of Old Trafford THIS YEAR, so it's opened on 1909. Even check it on wikipedia!

How many times has Miami beaten Florida since 1985?

six times. six times.

Have Bayern Munich beaten Manchester United since 1999?

No Bayern Munich won the game 2-1 , after their first meting since 1999.

How much times did gamecocks beat clemson?

Since 1896, South Carolina has beaten Clemson 40 times

Why was Caesar Milan sued?

On May 5, 2006, Flody Suarez, a television producer for the TV series 8 Simple Rules, filed a lawsuit against Millan, claiming that his Labrador retriever had been seriously injured while at Millan's training facility during an exercise routine on a treadmill. National Geographic Channel released a statement that Millan was not present at the facility at the time of the alleged incident. Millan has also claimed that Suarez's personal dog trainer was with the dog, Gator, while it was at the Dog Psychology Center and that he did not charge Suarez or Suarez' dog trainer for use of the Dog Psychology Center facilities. Millan had allowed Suarez' trainer to bring Gator to the center as a favor. A hearing to discuss the suit was cancelled, since a settlement (the terms of which were not made public) was reached on March 29, 2007.(wikepedia:

How many times has arsenal beaten west ham?

37 since 1923 with 18 draws and 43 lost to Chelsea.

How long has it been since Great Britain has beaten Australia in the Olympics?

Great Britain beat Australia at the 2008 Olympics