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37 since 1923 with 18 draws and 43 lost to Chelsea.

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Up to the end of 2015, West Ham have beaten Arsenal 34 times.

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Q: How many times has arsenal beaten west ham?
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Who is going to win Arsenal or West Brom?

Of corse West Brom their the best team ever and they have already beaten them

How many times has chelsea beaten west ham in premier era?


Have West Ham ever beaten Manchester United?

Yes they have. Up to the end of 2015, they have beaten them 42 times, though Manchester United have beaten them more often.

Are arsenal better than west ham?

West Ham are far better than Arsenal, in your dreams.

How many times has Chelsea played Arsenal and who win most?

Hull city Liverpool Arsenal Tottenham West ham Sunderland Fulham Bolton Man city

How many west ham academy graduates now play in the premier league?

there is 0 graduates from west ham. all the good players came from arsenal youth or was bought byb arsenal and made good.

What was there arsenal score?

4th of march 3-1 to arsenal vs west brom

Does Phil collen support west ham or arsenal you always thought he was arsenal after he appeared in an arsenal shirt alongside rick savage in a sheffield Wednesday shirt on the front of kerrang in 199?

Phil Collens supports West Ham over Arsenal.

How many times have the West Indies beaten Pakistan in Test cricket?

As of May 2011, of the 46 occasions in which the West Indies and Pakistan have faced off in Test cricket, the West Indies have won on fifteen occasions, the first happening on the second meeting between the teams.

In the last 100 games between arsenal and west ham who won?

arsenal won all them as they have big ones west ham eat poo

How many time Hungary played final football world cup?

They reached the final twice. In 1938 they were beaten by Italy and in 1954 they were beaten by West Germany.

How many times have West Virginia beaten Florida State Seminoles in football?

0 ... the two teams have met 3 times, all in the Gator Bowl (1982, 2005, 2010), and Florida State won all three games.