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3 times

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Q: How many times has a player or teammates won the regular season MVP and the Super Bowl MVP?
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Does a player who has been traded during the season still receive a super bowl ring if the team they had been traded from wins the super bowl?

Yes if they played at least one regular season game

What Super Bowl winner had the best regular season record?

The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VII after posting a regular season record of 14-0.

Who won the Super Bowl in1999?

Denver in the 1998 regular season, 1999 postseason St. Louis in the 1999 regular season, 2000 postseason Super Bowl

Were the broncos undeafeated when they won the super bowl?

No ... the Broncos went 12-4 in the regular season before winning Super Bowl XXXII and 14-2 in the regular season before winning Super Bowl XXXIII.

What is the Best season for broncos?

The best regular season for the Broncos was 1998 when they went 14-2. They won the Super Bowl that season (Super Bowl XXXIII).

With what regular season record did the Giants finish their 1986 Super Bowl season?


What was the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers regular season record?

In 2005 when the Steelers won the Super Bowl, their regular season record was 11-5.

What was the record of the 1972 Dolphins?

The Dolphins went 14-0 in the 1972 regular season and won the Super Bowl that season. Their record for regular season and postseason games that season was 17-0.

Has a team won super with a loss to Tampa Bay in regular season?

Until Super Bowl 44, no team had ever lost to Tampa Bay in the regular season and gone on to win a super bowl. The New Orleans Saints are the only team to do this.

What team with the worst regular season record has won a Super Bowl?


Has a Super Bowl champion ever had a tie on their record?

Through Super Bowl XLV, 3 Super Bowl winners played a tie game during the regular season. 1) 1967 Green Bay Packers that won Super Bowl II went 9-4-1 in the regular season. 2) 1970 Baltimore Colts that won Super Bowl V went 11-2-1 in the regular season. 3) 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers that won Super Bowl IX went 10-3-1 in the regular season.

What was the patriots record for 2007-2008 season?

16-0 in the regular season. they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl