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Q: How many times has New Zealand beaten Australia in rugby league?
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National Rugby League Team Australia?

The Australian Rugby League team is known as the 'Kangaroos'.

How is rugby league related to Australia?

Rugby League is apart of Australia's history. Rugby League has been played in Australia over a hundred years now. We have won tourments by vsing other countries such as New Zealand and England. The NRL has been running a Rugby League game in Australia for years now, and by their sucessful rate, rugby league holds second in Australia's most popular sports, and Rugby League world wide, has the biggest fans supporting it, in Europe and Australia.

Who was in the final of the rugby league world cup 2008?

New Zealand beat Australia in the final to win the 2008 Rugby League World Cup.

Who was the New Zealand warrios?

The New Zealand Warriors is the name of the New Zealand Rugby League team that plays in Australia's NRL competition.

When was New Zealand Rugby League created?

New Zealand Rugby League was created in 1910.

Who won the rugby league world cup 2013?

Australia defeated New Zealand 34-2 in the Rugby League World Cup grand final of 2013.

Has Kenyan rugby union ever beaten New Zealand?


Where is rugby league commonly played?

Its played world wide but has most activity in England, Australia and New Zealand

Who won the Rugby League World Cup in 2008?

The winner was New Zealand, who defeated Australia 34-20.

When was Western Australia Rugby League created?

Western Australia Rugby League was created in 1948.

Who are the rugby champions of the world?

== == The 2008 winners were New Zealand, who won 34-20 against Australia at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Australia on Nov 22, 2008.

Is new Zealand unbeaten in the rugby league?