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Q: How many times has France beaten new zealand at rugby union?
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How many times have wales beaten New Zealand in rugby union?

hi wales have not beaten new zealand since 1953

How many times have England beaten New Zealand in rugby union?


How many times has New Zealand beaten Australia in rugby league?


How many times have New Zealand been in the rugby world cup final?

Twice. In 1987 where they beat France, and in 1995 where they were beaten by South Africa.

How many times have Scotland beaten New Zealand at rugby?

Scotland have never beaten the All Blacks but have drawn twice.

Have Romania beaten France 8 times in the rugby world cup?

It is not true.

What teams have beaten New Zealand in rugby?

Australia 47 times, British and Irish Lions 6 times, England 6 times, France 12 times, South Africa 34 times and World XV once.

How many times have Scotland beaten France at Rugby Union?

Scotland have won 34 times up until 1 August 2011.

How many times have Ireland beaten France at rugby?

Up to 2011, Ireland and France have contested 89 rugby matches. France have won 55 matches. Ireland have won 29 matches. There have been 5 drawn matches.

How many times have Wales beaten France in rugby union?

Played 85 won 43 lost 39 drawn 3

How many times has the Australian rugby union team beaten the new zealand rugby union team?

Australia have played the New Zealand team 139 times. Of these games 5 were drawn, 95 were won by New Zealand and 39 were won by Australia. Most of these matches were Bledisloe Cup or Tri-Nations matches.

How many times have New Zealand beaten England in rugby union?

They have played England - 34 times All Black wins - 27 lost - 6 Drawn 1

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