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4 time

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Q: How many times has Barcelona beaten Arsenal in all competitions?
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How many times have Arsenal beaten Barcelona in all competitions?

the frist time in history Arsenal bet Barcelona Arsenal beat Barcelona in the 1st leg of 2011 quarter final

How many times have Liverpool beaten Arsenal?

Liverpool have beaten arsenal 76 times in 198 match appearances.

How many times has Arsenal played Barcelona?

As far I know, FC Barcelona and Arsenal have played 4 times. First time: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal Second time: Arsenal 2-2 FC Barcelona Third time: FC Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Fourth time: Arsenal 2-1 FC Barcelona

How many times has Barcelona beaten realmadrid in laliga bbva?

Barcelona have beaten real Madrid 63 times.

How many times has arsenal beat Barcelona?

Arsenal has just beat Barcelona once. that's their last meeting

How many times have arsenal won a European cup?

Arsenal have never won the European Cup or Champions League. Their best performance was in 2006 when they reached the final, but was beaten by Barcelona 2-1.

How many times has Chelsea beaten Barcelona?

78 times

How many times have Chelsea beaten Barcelona?

2 times

How many time Barcelona win real Madrid?

Barcelona has beaten Real Madrid 87 times Where as Real Madrid has beaten them 11 times

How many times have Arsenal beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge since the premiership began?

As of 2010, Arsenal had beaten Chelsea approximately fifteen times more than Chelsea had beaten Arsenal, consistent with the fact that Arsenal won the first two games the leagues played.

How many times arsenal has beaten man united?

45 times

How many times did Barcelona beat real Madrid?

Barcelona have beaten Real Madrid 25 times.

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