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4 times

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Kaylin Heller

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2023-01-26 02:47:42
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Q: How many times Manchester United beaten Barcelona?
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How many times has Barcelona beaten Manchester united?

5 times

How many trophies has Barcelona won and that of Manchester?

Barcelona won Manchester united 10 times and Manchester united won Barcelona 11

How many times has Manchester united beaten man city?

Manchester United have beaten Manchester City 69 times in all competitions.

How many times Manchester beats Barcelona?

never will happen again! well maybe but Manchester probably has not beaten fc Barcelona a lot of times!

Have West Ham ever beaten Manchester United?

Yes they have. Up to the end of 2015, they have beaten them 42 times, though Manchester United have beaten them more often.

How many times have Manchester United beaten Barcelona?

how many times i dont quiet know but atleast once because the won a friendly 2-1 in july/august 2011

How many times has Manchester United beaten Hull City?


How many time have Barcelona and Manchester United met before?

Barcelona FC and Manchester United FC have only met three times. 1.2008: 0-0 2.2008: 1-0 (For Manchester Utd) 3.2009: 0-2 (for Barcelona)

How many times have Manchester United FC beaten Chelsea FC?


How many times has Barcelona and Manchester united played against each other?

Barcelona and Manchester United have played against each other eleven times total. Both teams have been fairly equally matched.

Have arsenal beat Manchester united than they arsenal?

arsenal have beaten Manchester utd way more times

How many times has Barcelona beaten realmadrid in laliga bbva?

Barcelona have beaten real Madrid 63 times.

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