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Five: In 1974, 1976, 1981, 1984 and 1986.

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Q: How many times did the Boston Celtics win the finals between 1970 and 2000?
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What is the record of the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Boston Celtics in the nba finals?

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have met 11 times in the NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics have dominated the match-up winning 9 times.

How many times have the Lakers played the Celtics in the finals and lost?

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals 8 times.

How many times have the Lakers and Boston made it to the finals?

the lakers have been there 30 times and the celtics have been there 38 times

How many times did the Boston Celtics go to the Finals?

20 times. They've won 17 NBA Titles

How many times did the Celtics appear in the finals?

The Celtics went to the Finals 20 times losing ONLY 3 times.

How many of the 20 Celtics final aperences were against the Lakers?

The 2010 NBA Finals marked the 12th championship meeting between the Celtics and the Lakers. Boston has won nine times.

How many times have the Lakers and Celtics met in the NBA finals?

the lakers and celtics met in the NBA finals eleven times.

What franchise has played in the most NBA finals since?

Los Angeles Lakers played 29 times in the NBA Finals while 20 times for the Boston Celtics.

How many consecutive times have the lakers beat the Celtics at the championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers have beaten the Boston Celtics three times in the NBA Finals: in 1985, 1987 and 2010.

Who as a single person has won the most NBA Finals?

Bill Russell - 11 times, all with the Boston Celtics

How many times have the Celtics gone to the finals?

about 16 times

How many times of the Celtics been in the nba finals?

Since 1957, the Celtics have reached the NBA Finals 21 times and won 17 championships.

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