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the lakers have been there 30 times and the celtics have been there 38 times

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Q: How many times have the Lakers and Boston made it to the finals?
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How many times did the lakers appear in the finals?

The Lakers have lost 15 NBA Finals. They made it to a total of 31 NBA Finals, and won 16 of them.

Who has won the most NBA finals throughout the years?

Through the 2009 season: Player: Bill Russell - 12 times with the Boston Celtics, winning 11 championships. Team: Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers - 30 times with a record of 14-15. (This answer was written before the end of the 2009 Finals of which the Lakers are a participant and the 30th time the Lakers made the finals).

Has an NBA Team with a 500 or below made it to the finals?

1958-59 Minneapolis Lakers 38-44 regular season. Swept in the finals by the Boston Celtics.

Will the LA Lakers reach the 2009 NBA Finals against the Celtics?

The Lakers made it to the finals, but against the Orlando Magic instead. The Lakers won the NBA championship.

Was iverson ever on a winning team?

Yeah playoffs plenty of times and he made it all the way to the 2001 finals against the Lakers.

How many times have the Lakers made it to the nba finals?

Lebron James lead Cleveland to 5 consecutive appreances in the playoffs, 2006-2010.

Who is the all time winningest NBA team?

Through the 2008 regular season, the team with the most NBA titles is the Boston Celtics with 16. The team with the best winning percentage is the Los Angeles Lakers at .614 (2905-1824).

Who made game winning three pointer in 01-02 conference finals for lakers?

robbert horry

Who made it to the NBA Championship in 2008?

The Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship for the 2007-08 season, after defeating the Los-Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. The Celtics won the series 4 games to 2.

Why are the lakers the best team and not the Celtics?

i guess its because the lakers have made more finals apperences than any other team in sports. you don't have to agree with me but i think the celtics are the better team because the 11 times they've faced the lakers in the finals, the won 8 and they've won the most the most titles than any other team(17). its hard to tell which is the better team,its just how u look at it.

When is the last time the Magic went to the finals?

It's very much possible for Orlando Magic to make it to the NBA finals. It would be tough though because they will match up against the Boston Celtics who defeated the top seed Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2nd round. It would be experience versus youth.

How many times have the Cleveland Cavaliers made the finals?