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Q: How many times did Rod Laver win the tennis grand slam?
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How many male tennis players - before Rafael Nadal - have won each of the four major tennis tournaments?

Rod Laver

How many titles did Rod Laver win?

According to the ATP website (refer to the link, below), Australian tennis player, Rod Laver, won 40 singles and 28 doubles titles during his career, including two Grand Slams. Refer to the Wikipedia link, below, for further information.

How many grand slams are there in tennis?


How many male tennis player ever won all four grand slams?

Very few players have won the Grand Slam; Donald Budge (1938) and Rod Laver (1962 and 1969) are the only men to win all four tournaments in the same year!!!

How many tennis grand slams do Serena Williams have?

17 grand slams wow

How many grandslams did Rod Laver win?

Laver won 2 true Full Grand Slams - that is, he won all four Major titles - Wimbledon, the French, US and Australian - in the same calendar year twice: in 1962 and in 1969. He is the only player in history to do so.He is also the only player in history to win the full grand slam in singles titles and also win a grand slam doubles title in that same calendar year, being in 1969: partnered by the great Roy Emerson, the two won the Australian Open.In total, Laver won 11 grand slam singles events and 6 grand slam doubles titles, making him probably the most "complete" player in history to date.During the earlier 1960's, while major tennis players were divided into 'professional' circuits as opposed to 'amateur' circuits, Laver was also the only person ever to win the 'grand slam' of professional tennis, in 1967: so one could effectively say that technically, he won 3 Grand Slams in major tennis worldwide!!!Such feats, of course, are never likely to ever be repeated.

How many grand slams titles did Pete Sampras win in his tennis career?

he won 14 grand slam,s in his tennis career!

How many have won all 4 grand slam titles?

Don Budge and Rod Laver have won Calender year Grand Slam, ie all four in one calender year. Budge did it in 1938 and Laver did it twice in 1962 and 1969. Besides Budge and Laver, Fred Perry, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer won all four in their career, called the Career Grand Slam.

How many tennis open in a year?

4 grand slams

How many grand slams has Chris Evert won in Tennis?


How many Grand Slam Tennis tournament are there in 1 year?


Roger Federer or Rod Laver who is better between the two if you had to pick?

Many consider Roger Federer to be the best tennis player of all time. Roger Federer's grace and precision make him the number one choice of many tennis admirers and fans.

How many unseeded players have won the Grand Slam Tennis tournament and who are they?


How many points go to runner-up in grand slam tennis?


If Nicole plays tennis four times a week how many times does she play tennis in a 9 week period?

she playes 36 times

Who were Rod Laver's hitting partners?

Australian tennis player, Rod Laver, had many doubles and mixed doubles partners during is career. Unfortunately, not all partners and matches were recorded, and any records from that era are limited. Refer to the Wikipedia link, below, for further information.

How many times has tennis won the Olympics?


How many grand slams has martina navratilova won in tennis?

Martina Navratilova has won 59, yes fifty nine grand slams in her tennis career. She won 18 grand slam singles titles. She has won 31 doubles titles. Finally she has won 10 mixed doubles titles for a grand total of 59 grand slams in her tennis career.

Who are Australia's famous male tennis players?

There are many well-known male Australian tennis players. A short list would include: Ian Fletcher, Ian Ayre, John Marks, Arthur Curtis, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson.

How many points does a player get after winning a tennis grand slam event?

2000 Points

How many grand slam tennis tournaments are played on real grass?

Just 1

How many grand slams has Martina Navratilova had?

Martina Navratilova has won many grand slams. As of this date she has 18 Grand Slam women's titles and 31 major women's double titles. Her tennis career has spanned decades and she is very well thought of in the tennis community.

How many people can the rod laver arena hold?

The number of seated people that Rod laver arena can hold is 14,820.

How many times can a tennis server bounce the ball?

as many times as u want but atleast three or four times

How many sets in a match in tennis?

3 for womans and 5 for men in a grand slam tournament