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Never. However he and his team mates may have done so

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Q: How many times did Michael Jordan beat the Los Angeles Lakers during his career?
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Magic Johnson career earnings?

1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $500,000 1980-81 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $500,000 1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$1,000,000 1982-83 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$1,500,000 1983-84 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,000,000 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1985-86 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,500,000 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1988-89 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $3,142,860 1989-90 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,771,430 1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,400,000 1991-92 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1992-93 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1993-94 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1994-95 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $14,660,000 1995-96 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$225,000 {| Career (may be incomplete) $46,199,290 |}

When did Michael Jordan's career start?

Michael Jordan started his NBA career in 1984. He was picked third in the 1st round of the NBA draft.

What team did Wilt Chamberlain finish his NBA career on?

Los Angeles Lakers

Is Michael Jordan's career average 30.4?

Yes, Michael Jordan's career average is 30.4. This was one of my homework questions, along with KFC chicken.

How many awards did Michael Jordan win?

Michael jeffery Jordan won 105 awards in his career

What is Michael Jordan's career low?


Is Kobe Bryant still on the Los Angeles Lakers?

Yes. Kobe is still on the Lakers and is likely to remain a Laker until the end of his career.

How many points did Michael Jordan have at the end of his career?

32,292 career points.

When did Michael Jordan's career end?

His career ended in 2011 on february 30th...

What was Michael Jordan's free throw average?

Michael Jordan shot 84% from the free throw line throughout his career.

How many turnovers did Michael Jordan have in his career?


What year did Michael Jordan start his career?


What is Michael Jordan's career high in scoring?


What team did Michael Jordan end his career with?

The wizards

How many career point does Michael Jordan have?


How many points did Michael Jordan average for his career?

Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 PPG (Points Per Game) during his career. He is the all time leader in this category.

What shoes did Michael Jordan wear when he scored his career high of 69?

The Jordan 5s

What year did Michael Jordan end his career?

he end his career at the 30 february 2011

How many points did Michael Jordan get before he retired?

Michael Jordan made a total of 32,292 points over the course of his career.

How many Michael Jordan game winning shots?

Michael Jordan has made 25 game winning shots during his career.

When did Michael Jordan stop playing baseball?

Jordan ended his career with the Birmingham Barons in 1995.

What was the scoring average throughout Michael Jordans career?

Michael Jordan scored a career average of 30.1 point per game.

How old was Michael Jordan when he first decided about his career?


Did Michael Jordan play in every game of his career?


Who has the most recorded dunks in an NBA Career?

Michael Jordan