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As many times as a coach wants to, when there's a dead ball.

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Q: How many times can you substitute a player in a game of basketball?
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How many times does a basketball player be aloud in game for?

As long as the player has not fouled out, they may come into the game as many times as the coach wants them to.

What does a basketball player do when he is not at a game?

He's either on the bench as an substitute waiting to be called in or not playing at all watching at home or wherever he is

How many times should a pro basketball player practice before a game?


How many substitutes are allowed in basketball?

You can substitute freely in basketball. As many players as there are on the bench, that's how many substitutes there are. Players may be taken out of a game and then put back into a game. There is no limit to the amount of times a player can be taken out and put into a game. The only limitation to substituting is that you may not put a player in that has exceed the number of personal fouls allowed in the league. Once a player exceeds that number, they are disqualified and not allowed to play for the rest of the game.

How many times per volleyball game can you substitute a player?

as many as the coach wants to call for subbing.

How many miles does the average basketball player run in a game?

An average basketball player runs about 5 miles in a basketball game!

How many substitute player in a soccer game?


How many times do you jump in a basketball game?

I can jump 10 times in a game

Who can substitute for the designated hitter?

Any player not currently in the game or having played in the game can substitute for and assume the role of the DH.

Is basketball a team or a solo sport?

Basketball is a team sport. At times one player can take over a game, but if the rest of the team does nothing, the team will lose.

How many fouls before a basketball player leaves the court?

5 fouls is when a basketball player will be kicked out of a basketball game due to fouling out.

How much money does a professional basketball player a game?

The salary of a professional basketball player varies by team. The average salary of a pro basketball player is $5.5 million.

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