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Yes--there's no limit to how many players can be substituted at once. Also, in the National League (or any league where pitchers have to bat) a team can make a "double switch", which in the case of a pitcher and catcher would result in the new pitcher batting in the previous catcher's spot in the batting order, and the new catcher in the pitcher's spot (probably ninth).

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The starting pitcher and any substitute must pitcher to a minimum of one batter, or have an Out made, before he can be replaced. Other than that, the Manager can change the pitcher whenever he wants to.

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Teams in the Major Leagues can change pitchers as much as they want to in a game but any pitcher that comes in is required to face a minimum of one batter before they can be taken out of the game for a new Pitcher.

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Inning---but not during an at bat. Although ambidextrous pitchers are extremely rare.

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Any time.

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Q: How many times can a team change pitchers in a game?
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How many times is the catcher allowed to visit the pitchers mound in a major league baseball game?

There is no rule in MLB that specifies how many times a catcher may visit the pitcher during a game.

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How many pitchers can be used in one MLB game?

There are different amount of pitchers in a 40-man roster, whether you have 25 pitchers (in both the starting rotation and the bullpen) or just have 10, in any game, you can use all of your pitchers. However, you can't use a pitcher once they are taken out of the game.

How many times have two starting pitchers hit home runs in the same game?

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How many players can be on the pitchers mound at the same time?

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How many hours is a Twins game?

A Twins game is no different than any other baseball game. Since pitchers pitch at different speeds and some are better than others, games can range anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours. If the game is a pitchers duel (i.e. the pitchers are pitching really well and there are not many hits in the game) look for the game to end closer to 2 hours. Should the game be more of an offensive powerhouse, then look for the game to go around 4-5 hours. An average game is around 3 hours.

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How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to win a 9 inning game?

In a Major League Baseball game, Starting Pitchers can pitch as many innings as needed, it is up to the discretion of his Manager however Starting Pitchers must pitch 5 innings in order to qualify for a win.

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their should be at least 5 pitchers on a team [5 starters]. But you can have up to 15 pitchers.

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How many innings are in a spring training baseball game?

Nine, but innings can be adjusted according to how many pitches the pitchers are supposed to be getting in. They don't play more than one extra inning, and sometimes they just call it a tie after the ninth, if both teams are out of pitchers.