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287 times.

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Q: How many times Michael Jordan score more then 40 points?
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How many times did Michael Jordan score 10 points in a game?

7 times Source:

Did Michael Jordan ever score less than 10 points?

He scored less than 10 points 13 times, never going scoreless.

What NBA players have scored most times 40 or more points in a single game?

michael jordan kobe bryant

How many times did Michael Jordan score 60 points in a basketball game?

Jordan 60's 5 times: 186: 63 points Boston Celtics in the irst gme othe playoffs in double OT in Overtime 187: 61 points against th Atlata Hwks 190: 69 ts agai tCleeland velies n overtimeduring regular season 196:64 pois the Orlnd POOP

How many times did Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant play each other?

Kobe Bryant played Michael Jordan 8 times. Four when Jordan was a bull, four as a wizard

How many times can you score 100 points with three darts?

You can score 100 points with three darts, the maxium of three times (if you are really good).

How many times did Michael Jordan retired?

3 times in 1993,1998,2003

Has anyone won the scoring title and a NBA championship in the same year?

michael Jordan did Michael Jordan did it 5 times

Who can score the points in a badminton game?

any of the two teams can score though in the olden times only the team which was serving could score points

How many times did Michael Jordan lead the bulls to victory?

Michael Jordan led the bulls to the NBA championships six times. From 1991 to 1993 and 1996 to 1998.

How many times has Michael Jordan gone to the championship?

He has gone 22 times.

How many times did Michael Jordan win the scoring title?

6 times

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