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The Miami Heat been in the NBA playoffs 4 times

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Q: How many time have the Miami Heat been to the playoffs?
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How many times does the Miami Heat get swept in the NBA Playoffs?

The Miami Heat gets swept 4 times in the 2011 NBA Playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks.

How many times has Celtic beat Miami Heat?

The Boston Celtics have beaten the Miami Heat 66 times; 58 times in the regular season, and 8 times in the playoffs

How many playoff appearances have the Miami Heat made?

Miami has made it to the playoffs 13 times. They have made it to the NBA Finals twice both against the Dallas Mavericks. They are 1-1 in the finals

How many times has Miami Heat owner Arison been married?


How many members does Miami Heat have?

35 members on on the Miami heat. I think.

How many games have the Miami-dolphins won?

400 in the regular season 20 in the playoffs

How many times have the Jacksonville Jaguars been to the playoffs?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have Been to the playoffs once.

How many sports does Miami have?

Miami Heat (NBA)Miami Dolphins (NFL)Miami Marlins (MLB)

How many people own the Miami Heat?

Micky Arison is the only one who owns the Miami Heat

How many times have the Packers been in the playoffs?

The Packers have been in the playoffs 27 years, from 1936 - 2011.

How many games did Miami Heat win in the 2010-2011 season?

Miami Heat Won 58 Games

How many NBA playoff series go seven games?

As of may 3rd 2009 there have been 102 game sevens in the NBA playoffs, most recently Miami and Atlanta. I'm sure by the end of the 2009 playoffs there will be more.

How many times have the lakers been to the playoffs?

The lakers have been in the playoffs 57 times in the last 62 years.

How many NHL teams havent been to the playoffs?

All of the NHL teams have been to the playoffs at least once.

How many World Series have the Miami Heat won?

The Miami Heat won the NBA title in 2006, but not a World Series.

How many franchise wins do the Miami Heat have?


How many awards did Miami Heat win?


How many games has the Miami Heat won?


How many nba titles does Miami Heat have?


How many games have the Miami Heat loss?


How many wins do Miami Heat have in 2012?


How many games will Miami win this year?

Miami dolphins-10-6 Miami heat 60-22

How many playoffs have the Texas rangers been in?

This year is the fourth time the rangers have made the playoffs.

How many Super Bowl games did the Miami Heat win?

The Miami Heat play in the NBA so they do not play for the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins have won two Super Bowls and the Miami Heat have won one NBA championship.

How many times have the celtics been in the playoffs?