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The Miami Heat play in the NBA so they do not play for the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins have won two Super Bowls and the Miami Heat have won one NBA championship.

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Q: How many Super Bowl games did the Miami Heat win?
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How many games did Miami Heat win in the 2010-2011 season?

Miami Heat Won 58 Games

What city does Miami Heat play it's games?

In Miami.

What arena do the Miami Heat play in?

The Heat play their home games at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

How many final games has Miami Heat won?

The Miami Heat has won the Finals twice, meaning that they have won a total of 8 Finals games.

How many games has the Miami Heat won?


Where do Miami Heat play home games?


How many games have the Miami Heat loss?


Where does the Miami Heat play its games?

American Airlines Arena......GO HEAT

How many games will Miami win this year?

Miami dolphins-10-6 Miami heat 60-22

How many games did the Miami Heat lose in 2012?


How many games has Miami Heat won 2010?


The 2006 NBA Championship was won by the Miami Heat in how many games?

6 Games

How many games did Miami Heat lose 2011-2012?

How many games did they win

How many Basketball Championship games has Miami Heat played in?


What are prices for Miami Heat tickets?

The prices for tickets to Miami Heat home games are variable depending on the location of the desired seats. For a complete listing of prices for available seating, visit the official Miami Heat website.

How many games did the Miami Heat win in ALL seasons?

they won 38 games i think

Why is Miami Heat called heat?

Its hot in Miami

Who made the Miami heat jersey?

it is not known who really come up with the design of the miami heat jersey. but we do know that there are three jersey's one for home games one for away games and one for tornaments.

How many final games has Dwyane Wade took the Miami Heat to?


How many games have Miami Heat won so far this season?


How many games has the Miami Heat won in the past 6 years?


How many games did Miami Heat lost in the 2010-2011 season?


How many games the Miami heat play since 1988?

my guess is 573

How many games did the Miami Heat win in 2008?

In the 2008-09 season the Miami Heats record was 43-39.

Why are the Miami Heat called the heat?

Miami heat are called the heat because if you think about it, is it cold in miami? If it was cold in miami it would be called the miami frost or miami shiver. In other words it is hot in miami and they think they are hot in terms of style.