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Q: How many teams seeded 5 or worse have won the NCAA men's basketball championship Who?
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Can your throw in baseball ruin your shot in basketball?

I doubt it, I play baseball and basketball and neither has gotten worse

Is Malta the worst football team?

No. There are many teams that are worse.

How do they determine the teams that play in the BCS championship?

The coaches and sportswriters vote for the teams that play in the title game. Infamously, Boise State University went 12-0, 10-2, 12-0, and 13-0 in consecutive years and was left out of the title game each year for a team with a worse record.

How many college football teams are there total in the nation?

During a game last week I heard that Memphis was on of the worst free throw shooting teams in NCAA 1Aa basketball at # 334 with only 7 worse meaning there is 341.

Who are the worst ncaa basketball team ever?

This year I feel that the 2009 Depaul team is the worse.

What is the best ofm tactic?

4-4-2 with any team ;) especially with worse teams use this to win it

Did basit khan get blocked?

yes in the 8th grade by aashish kaushik, hes very bad at basketball, never seen anybody worse

What are the requirements to play basketball for the University of North Carolina?

You have to be a complete moron to get accepted. You have to want to play for one of the worse coaches in college basketball. You have to be very open to the gay community (very open). You have to be willing to accept money from boosters.

You played basketball for 9th baskeball but then you moved to a new school and you didnt make the team?

Maybe that team was worse than the new team... Or maybe you didn't have luck during the tryout. Don't worry, there is always next year and keep practicing basketball!

Who is the better basketball player Kevin Durant or Durk Nowitzki?

Kevin Durant is better than Dwight Howard. Only people who watch basketball would know that. Oh, and some of you think Lebron is worse than Durant, well I don't think so.

Do girls do better at basketball?

I think a girl can do better at basketball than a guy. If the guy practices 1 day a wee and the girl practices 3 days a week it is clear that the girl should do better. People say that boys are better if they have the same amount of practice. This is said mostly because boys are built more muscler at birth. But if a girl exercises the parts needed for basketball there is no saying she will do worse. But it also depends if the person has talent in basketball or not.

Is being overrated good or bad in basketball?

Being overrated is bad. This means that while some people peg you as great or talented, they are actually wrong, and you are worse than "advertised," so to speak.