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There are 10 recognized Test Playing Countries.

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Q: How many teams played test cricket?
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Who played cricket for England and India test teams?

The Nawab of Pataudi played test cricket for England in 1932 and later on in his career for India.

Which teams played in the first test cricket match?

Australia vs England

How many International cricket teams are there in the world?

International Teams under iCC with Full membership(include test cricket ) are 10 34 assosiate members(these teams do not qualify for Test Cricket), 60 affiliate members(These teams play under the rules of ICC & play ICC event of world cricket league).

How many australians have played test cricket?


What is the shortest completed cricket test match and on which date between which teams?

The shortest cricket match played was between England and Australia at the Oval.It was completed in just 2 days and it was the 9th test ever played in cricket. Click on the link provided below for the sources.

How many days is the game planned to be played in test cricket?

a test cricket match lasts for up to 5 days.

How many Test cricket matches have India played?

As of January 2011, India have played 457 Test matches.

In test cricket how many days is the fame planned to be played?

5 days

How many test Indian cricket team has played till now?


How is test cricket different?

Test cricket is 5 days long and is played against countries.

What is the time period for a cricket test match?

A cricket test match is played for 5 days.

How many test matches have been played in cricket?

there has been 1983 test matches and Australia has won only 354

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