How many teams played in the 2006 world baseball classic?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How many teams played in the 2006 world baseball classic?
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Where is the 2010 World Classic Baseball being played?

There is no 2010 World Baseball Classic. it's on a rotaion of every 4 years and the last 1 was 2009.

Does Italy have baseball?

Yes, but not at a very high level. They field one of the weaker teams at the World Baseball Classic. About half of their roster plays for MLB teams, but are mostly role players, not superstars.

How many times has Venezuela won the world baseball classic?

venezuela never won the world baseball classic

What are the main baseball competitions?

The World Series, World Baseball Classic and the Olympics ...

What is meant by the World Baseball Classic?

World Baseball Classic is an international baseball tournament. It was created by the Major League Baseball Players association and it features national baseball players from the major leagues around the world.

Is the world baseball classic the Olympics for baseball?

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

Is there a major worldwide baseball tournament?

World Baseball Classic

When did the world baseball classic start?