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0, there is no Big Ten conference in the NFL

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2009-08-28 14:45:49
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Q: How many teams play in the big ten conference in the NFL?
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How many football teams are in the American Conference of the NFL?

There are 32 teams in the NFL

Can 2 teams from the same division play for the conference championship in the nfl?


How many teams are there in the NFL?

There are currently 32 teams in the NFL. They are divided into 8 divisions, 4 in the American Conference and 4 in the National Conference. The divisions in each conference are North, South, East, and West.

How many teams are in NFL playoffs?

1212, six from each conference.

How many NFL teams are in the playoffs?

1212, six from each conference.

Can two nfl teams from the same division play for the conference championship in the playoffs?

yes because they have the best two teams in the conference and they go. then the teams with the best record go to playoffs

What is theOrganization with Patriots and Jets?

Both teams play in the AFC East (American Football Conference) of the NFL.

Can one nfl conference send two teams to the Super Bowl?

No. The Super Bowl is designed to pit the champion of the AFC conference against the champion of the NFC conference. Two teams from the same conference cannot play in the Super Bowl.

In a NFL season does a team play every team in the NFL?

No. The NFL (National Football League) is make up of 2 conferences. The AFC and NFC. Each conference is also broken down into 4 divisions, for a total of 8 divisions in the NFL. Throughout a typical NFL season teams usually play other teams within their own conference. NFC teams play other NFC teams, and AFC teams play other AFC teams. Teams sometimes do play a team from another conference from time to time but it doesn't happen regularly. The only time that NFC and AFC teams regularly play each other is during the pre-season (exibition) games which are not part of the regular season, and the SUPER BOWL which is (supposedly) the best NFC team against the best AFC team. NOTE: Very often, the teams in one conference may be far superior to teams in the other conference. That is why some Super bowls are a complete blowout even though the teams playing are technically the top 2 teams.

How many football teams in the east?


How many teams play for football?

There are 32 NFL teams as of 2007

How many wild card teams enter NFL playoffs?

Four - two from each conference.

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